Rules & Regulations for All Island Age Group Badminton Championship 2019



  • The Tournament shall consist of following events. Boys’ Singles, Boys’ Doubles, Girls’ Singles, Girls’ doubles under the age categories of Under 11, 13, 15, 17, 19 and newly added event of Over 13-Under 19 Mixed Doubles.
  • The entry fees shall be Rs. 700/- per single event and Rs. 1000/- per doubles event.
  • The age by 31st December 2019, has to be considered when selecting age categories.
  • The Championship will be run on a Knock out basis.
  • Players must be punctual and any player, who does not turn up for his/her match at the time allocated, will be liable to have a walk over given against him/her. Ten minutes grace period will be allowed. No postponements shall be allowed under any circumstances.
  • Competitors in doubles event who have disclosed the names of their partners on the entry form shall play with such partners and No One else. A player who does not in the first instance disclose the name of the partner for any doubles event cannot subsequently take a partner who has already entered himself/herself in the same doubles event except as provided under rule number 7.
  • A competitor will be allowed to substitute a partner in a doubles event subject to the approval of the Tournament Committee, if his or her original partner is prevented from playing through illness, injury or other unavoidable hindrance, such proposed substitute shall be notified to the Tournament Committee in writing before the commencement of the particular event. Such substitution should not be of a higher rank than the original player and the new combination should be standard lower than the original combination.
  • A player is allowed to participate in only one single’s and one double’s event of any age category, provided they are below the respective age limit at the above specified date.
  • All matches will be played according to the rules and regulations of Badminton as approved by the IBF and adopted by SLBA.
  • The decision of the umpire on all matters connected with the actual play in the match of which he is umpiring shall be final.
  • All disputes with regard to the championship shall be referred to the Tournament committee. The decision of the Tournament Committee on all matters connected with the tournament and on any matters not provided for shall be final and binding on all participants.
  • If a player concedes a walk over in any event due to absence he/ she will not be permitted to play in any other event on the same day. Any exceptional circumstances will be referred to the referee or appointed official for a decision.
  • If entries are sent by post (registered or normal) the participants shall ensure that the entries are received by the Tournament Secretary on or before the closing date/ time. The Tournament Committee is not responsible for Postal delays.
  • Entries closed on the 01st of March 2019.
  • No Entries will be received without the entry fees.
  • If entry fees are paid by cheques, please draw them in favour of “Sports Council, University of Moratuwa”
  • Nylon shuttles will be used for under 11&13 events and Feathers will be used for Under 15, 17 & 19 and Mixed Doubles
  • All final matches will be played accordingly.
  • Valuable certificates and medals will be awarded to the winners/runners-up/2nd runner’s up and all participants will be awarded with a certificate.

Rules & Regulations for Inter University Badminton Championship 2019

  1. The competition will be conducted in accordance with the Rules and Regulation of the International Badminton Federation and Sri Lanka Badminton Association.
  2. Each team should comprise a minimum of 5 players and a maximum of 8 players.
  3. A match will be composed of Three Single events and Two Doubles events. A team is considered as winner of the match when that team won three events out of five. A match shall commence with singles and if no decision, followed by doubles.
  4. A competitor can play one single and one double match only. Competitors who had played in single events shall not be permitted to combine together to play doubles.
  5. The team declaration certified by the team manager and the captain should be hand over to the organizing committee 30 minutes before the scheduled time of the match. The declaration should consist the order of play and no further alteration will be permitted.
  6. The following system will be adopted for selection of teams for quarter finals from the league basis first round group matches
  7. In singles /doubles a match will be decided by best of three sets.
  8. The following points shall be taken into account to decide the ranking in preliminaries.

(Whole 5/3 set match)

Match won                  03 points

Match lost                   01 point

Match forfeited          00 points

  1. If two or more teams obtain the sane points the ranking shall be decided by the quotient of the whole sets won and lost
  2. If again scores are equal, the ranking will be decided by the quotient of scores won and lost in all matches.
  3. If two teams are still equal, priority shall be given to a team according to the result of the match played between the two teams concerned
  4. Following Team championships will be conducted

Team Championship – Women
Team Championship – Men

Individual Event

Each university team can nominate 2 players each for singles, doubles and mix doubles event.

  • One player can participate for a maximum of 2 events.

Entry fees for this event will be

  • Singles – LKR 700
  • Doubles – LKR 1000

Entry fees for this event can be paid at the venue.

  1. All matches will be conduct using feathers shuttles.
  2. A university can enter any number of teams.